The story so far...

The story so far...

2017 - Venus Grove – Robert “Bobbi” Nicholas, Dave Jones and Tim Pavitt

Amyl Dukes

Having formed the seminal and now legendary Cambridge band The Amyl Dukes in the ‘70’s, Bobbi and Dave pursued careers in different areas of the music industry before joining forces again in 2013 to deliver their unique brand of power driven and well-crafted songs.

With Tim on drums and concentrating largely on original material there are influences from every note they’ve ever heard – you will notice The Beatles, Small Faces, XTC, Jimi Hendrix, Jellyfish and so much more but these, after all, are your references.

It's pop, delivered with passion and style.


1972 – Cambridge – To me the town, as beautiful as it undoubtedly was, always seemed to be in black and white while our small coterie moved in a bubble of colour.

On a mission, the purpose of which is now lost in time, I saw a guy out of the corner of my eye and something struck me.  I stopped my bright orange mini with its white roof at the side of the road – no yellow lines, the town was still black and white, remember?  “Hey I’ve got a guitar like that – fancy a jam?”  Two perfect strangers, two identical 1965 Vox Consort guitars in bright red.

2014 – Bobbi brings a new song to rehearsal and there it is… another perfect snapshot. Not a quick selfie on your iPhone this, no, it’s the full Hasselblad.  Each moment recalled with clarity and poignancy. “The future is candy apple red”.  That moment had to re-appear, of course it would, how could it not?

This is no accident. Bobbi has always done this, he has no choice. He is a writer.Bobbi and Dave

“Stopping to think about thinking is a hindrance.

Writing was never like that - it comes when it wants to and hangs around until you feel you have made it welcome.

Sometimes it comes and you are not open enough to grant it the respect it deserves - and at those times it leaves you as it came with a silence that’s deafening and a yearning that is palpable.

Other times when it is really insistent it will come back and remind you of unfinished business and then you know you need to take notice or risk that feeling like neglecting a child who only wanted the warmth of your embrace.

When it comes in like a whirlwind ignoring the carefully prepared breakfast to take you on a journey which leaves you breathless after the last chord and rhyming couplet that’s when you know it’s not you - you could never think those things, you could never say those things, you could never have those thoughts, but you did and it’s still a mystery.

And people ask you 'how did you write that?' - and you have to say truthfully ... I don't really know - but I don't go 'Where the beat don't go'"Venus Grove

2002 - Swizterland – Bobbi has a band with a rehearsal facility in a disused nuclear shelter on the outskirts of Zurich.  Well, they have hundreds and they keep the noise in… I am visiting and we haven’t seen each other for nearly 25 years.  Keen to show me a new pedal or something Bobbi goes to a flight case in the corner.  Hey, there’s one of our old favourite albums in the case and written on the back – my initials, it’s my old copy – Stephen Stills, Mike Bloomfield and Al Cooper have been lurking, waiting patiently through all the changes to give their seal of approval.

I’m half expecting a new song… “Super Session Survival”