Venus Grove, a stylish originals British pop/rock band drawing on influences from The Beatles, Small Faces, XTC, Jimi Hendrix, Jellyfish and lots more.

The story so far...

The story so far...

2019 - Venus Grove – Bobbi Nicholas, Dave Jones, Stevie Grognet and Simon Barnett

Having formed the seminal and now legendary Cambridge band The Amyl Dukes in the ‘70’s, Bobbi and Dave pursued careers in different areas of the music industry before joining forces again in 2013 to deliver their unique brand of power driven and well-crafted songs.

With Simon on drums and Stevie on bass and concentrating largely on original material there are influences from every note they’ve ever heard – you will notice The Beatles, Small Faces, XTC, Jimi Hendrix, Jellyfish and so much more but these, after all, are your references.  It's pop, delivered with passion and style.